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I Love What I Do!

Teaching yoga and meditation for nearly 15 years has touched Jo deeply, and she now dedicates all her time to reach out to as many people as possible who would like to be happier, healthier and less stressed. Over the years as Jo’s teaching has evolved, she has discovered that she would like to work with people on a much deeper level than purely a one hour class.

Now Jo offers workshops and retreats where students can fully immerse themselves into their practice, and most importantly, learn how to take the information home with them and integrate it into their daily lives. Yoga is a complete lifestyle and Jo teaches not only the physical postures, but also nutrition, vision for the future and meditation. This enables you to feel balanced mentally and emotionally, as well as physically.

Jo says:

“I am very lucky to have been given the amazing opportunities that I’ve had, and now it’s time to give something back to those who are looking for answers, or feel stuck in their current situation. If I can ignite a spark of self-worth in someone with low self-esteem, or if someone can gain enough strength to rid themselves of a destructive addiction, then I have had a good day!”

Yoga For All Abilities

From beginners to more experienced practitioners a Healthy Retreat is for you and you will leave feeling calm, relaxed and more at peace with yourself. Jo has the knack of knowing exactly how to bring out these qualities within you, so that your day gets a whole lot better. Jo is used to working with all abilities and uses props like blocks, belts and bolsters to ensure everyone can do each posture.

Jo is also a published author with her first book 'If You Could Have Anything...What Would It Be', available on Amazon or through her website It is a tale of 5 struggling characters, and how yoga and/or meditation help them get unstuck and realise their full potential.

Gandhi Has Already Been a Guest!

She adds, "I look forward to meeting you on the next retreat, and showing you around the amazing Inner Guidance Retreat Centre. The house is 16th Century Grade Two Listed, with heaps of history, including Gandhi being a guest when he last visited England!"

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