Inner Guidance Retreat Centre

Inner Guidance Retreat Centre is a 16th Century Grade 2 Listed Tudor house.
The beautiful 500 year old venue is just outside the stunning village of Lavenham, which is probably the most picturesque medieval village you can come across.

Lavenham is regularly described as Britain's 'finest medieval town', though that doesn't really do it justice.
Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon was filmed here, as were The Witchfinder General (with Vincent Price) and episodes of Lovejoy.

It was also used more recently for scenes in Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows.

The previous owner was head of an anti-hate, anti-fear, anti-greed' movement and travelled the world with the group meeting heads of state. When these dignitries then visited England they would stay at the retreat centre, with Gandhi and the King of Norway being two such people to stay at the house, so you are in very good company!

Because of the group, now called Initiatives of Change International, a large extension was built on the house to accommodate meetings and meditations and this is where we will be practicing our yoga, pilates and meditations during your stay. Just think Gandhi has meditated in this room!

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